Gleneagles Townhouse | Halloween event

Gleneagles Townhouse, Edinburgh


YOURGB were delighted to work with the Gleneagles Townhouse on their first Halloween party at the luxurious city hotel in Edinburgh.

 The beautiful venue lent itself to the eerie 1920’s Hotel House of Horrors theme and the team absolutely loved bringing this theme to life. From the get-go, a flickering NO VACANCY sign welcomed guests to the party – those brave enough to enter were then encouraged to explore several themed spaces with immersive actors, vintage props, candlelight, and never ending mist. Our team of immersive actors really set the scene as the frantic hotel manager, bellboy and maid all desperately tried to cover up how a dead body came to be at the hotel.

Our DJ’s played non stopped Halloween hits throughout the night and the wonderfully dressed guests ensured the dancefloor was full until the bitter end.

The YOURGB team absolutely loved dressing the venue and programming the entertainment for this night to remember.

YOURGB Services Provided

May I just extend huge thanks on behalf of the whole team! It was an absolute pleasure to work with you - the speed and can-do attitude everything was dealt with allowed us to focus on the operation and be sure the magic was taken care of! You all were a joy to work with!

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