Musings From A Red Carpet Reporter

When I first joined YOURGB, I thought my sole focus would be to organise and create fantastic events such as large-scale brand activations, conferences or award ceremonies. Little did I know, I would also be given the opportunity to mingle with, and interview, celebrities on the red carpet during these events, on behalf of our client TSB Bank!


Since joining YOURGB more than two years ago, one of the main projects I oversee is TSB’s partnership with the ‘Pride of’ events. Spread throughout the year, they celebrate ordinary people doing extraordinary things and are truly fantastic events to be a part of. Our responsibilities over the years have ranged from managing the guests from TSB, client care by assisting with pre-event and brand interaction, and producing a detailed logistics plan.


Excitingly, an unexpectedly new role for YOURGB was for one of the team to become their Red Carpet Reporter. This would involve interviewing the stars and award winners throughout the evening on the red carpet and within the Media Room, and to create engaging social media content for @tsbbank.

TSB was set on YOURGB fulfilling this role as they believed it would be a great fit. At this stage, I say YOURGB as it was still up in the air for who was to take it on – or so I thought…

Cue YOURGB Founder & CEO Gilly Bain – after an empowering conversation with some great advice, it was decided it would be me! I cannot pretend that I wasn’t super apprehensive, as it was not something I had done before, and didn’t know what to expect.

But it was all systems go, I had agreed to be TSB’s Red Carpet Reporter at the Pride of Scotland Awards. WOW! Due to COVID restrictions at the time, this event was on a smaller scale which was very welcomed (by me).

It was a great opportunity to ease me into the role ahead of the BIG one –the annual Pride of Britain – which has approximately 900 attendees each year – and is televised on ITV a couple of weeks after the event. This means that the attendance of celebrity guests ranges from Reality TV Stars through to the likes of Sharon Stone. This was definitely a step up from my experience at Pride of Scotland but with one event under my belt, I was excited for the challenge!


For both events, I went into them fully prepared with specific questions to ask the guests and knowing what we would like the outcome to be. This definitely helped with the nerves, especially when you are interviewing big names such as Sir Mo Farrah or Holly Willoughby.

The whole experience so far has definitely been one to remember and a great story to tell, it is what I like to call my side gig with YOURGB. Being in the events industry, you are almost always in the background, so it is thrilling to be fully involved in the glitz and glamour of a Red Carpet. I am already excited to continue this role throughout the year – don’t worry, I will keep you all updated on who I meet next!

Read more about the ‘Pride of’ events in our case study.

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