For the 2024 Edrington Global Leadership Conference held at Cameron House, Loch Lomond, YOURGB produced two unique brand activations: The Naked Malt Bar and Gilbert’s Red World for The Famous Grouse. 

Naked Malt: 
YOURGB was tasked to showcase Naked Malt’s blended whisky and bring their brand identity to fruition. This included designing and creating a branded bar featuring signature serves, meticulously crafted by the award-winning bartenders of Panda & Sons, a bar lauded by the prestigious “50 Best Bars” list. To ensure guests were left with a lasting memento, YOURGB immortalised the evening by offering guests personalised polaroid portraits at a dedicated Naked Malt photo studio.

The Famous Grouse: 
The Famous Grouse experience transported guests to a designed realm – “Gilbert’s Red World.” Drawing inspiration from The Famous Grouse TV commercial, the Red World living room offered a haven of contemporary comfort. YOURGB curated an environment featuring a plush red three-seater couch, a modern rug, an intricately detailed picture frame showcasing the commercial on a continuous loop, and a vintage record player, all strategically chosen to create a space that invited guests to connect and socialise in style.

To further elevate the experience, YOURGB incorporated a digital caricaturist within the Red World living room. Throughout the evening, the caricaturist delighted guests by creating personalised digital caricatures, fostering a wave of amusement and generating lasting memories.

YOURGB Services Provided

I just wanted to send a little note to thank you for all your hard work bringing our activation together for Naked, it looked really great and I loved seeing how you engaged with everyone and your passion for the brand too.

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