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“The #DoddieGump challenge was exactly what I needed to motivate me back into active wear and onto the spin bike. I’m not sure about anyone else, but this second lockdown feels VERY different to the last, motivation and positivity are wearing a wee bit thin – and much like anything in life, when you’re doing it for someone else, and not just for yourself, it makes it a whole lot easier. I can’t think of anyone or any cause more deserving than lovely Doddie Weir and the My Name’5 Doddie Foundation. Together as a team, we are keeping fit and raising funds to aid research into Motor Neuron Disease, with the hope of one day finding a cure.” Gilly

At the beginning of the year, when it was cold, wet and dark, we all realised that we needed a little boost to get us going and moving around, and what perfect timing it was that the #DoddieAid Challenge was launched!

“I have been doing the odd competitive 10 and 5 K runs against friends who are also taking part and I have found it has made a difference. As soon as I see a friend has logged in miles, got a better time on their 5/10k, the (good spirited) but competitive side in me has to get up and get out there.”  Finlay

Running throughout January, the challenge saw 5 teams from the old Scottish Inter-District championship: The South, Edinburgh, Glasgow, North & Midlands and Scottish Exiles doing any form of exercise to raise funds for the My Name’5 Doddie Foundation. You may have seen people out and about wearing a tartan snood, with a different tartan for each district, as we all got involved to rack up those miles and those pennies for a wonderful cause.

“In support of this amazing initiative, I have been mainly running and walking. I always feel a massive boost mentally to escape into the fresh air and away from the ‘Groundhog Day’ feelings from lockdown. Running with a buddy is always good too and nice to have a socially distant, out of puff natter!” Vikki

The entire campaign has raised over £1million so far (AMAZING) and we are delighted to be a part of it, with everyone else across Edinburgh. The initiative ran until the end of January and on Saturday, the top district will be announced! As of today, the Edinburgh district had logged a phenomenal 335,363.9 MILES and has raised £186,741 across 4,421 members.

“What better way is there to keep my New Year’s resolution than by supporting the #DoddieAID campaign. With another lockdown and the campaign, it has pushed me to make sure I get out for a walk around Edinburgh, whether it’s along to the Meadows or up Arthur’s Seat. Some fresh air and a good playlist or podcast are a great way to clear the mind and keep the body moving!” Karen

We have all found different benefits of taking part and it’s been an excellent way to push us outside and take a moment away from our home/office lives. We have also managed to rope in some family and friends to join in too!

“Anyone who knows me will vouch that I am unbelievably competitive, so this challenge was right up my street. It definitely got me out and about walking or running around Edinburgh. Also, my cousin across the pond in LA took part in the challenge, so there was some added family rivalry!” Jenny

An amazing part of this initiative was ANY exercise counted. You could walk, run, spin, dance, sledge or even swim – and that is logged towards your total. You could set a mile target or keep it open, but the main goal is, that you get moving a little bit more.

“Exercise isn’t something I enjoy partaking in so signing up for the DoddieAid has really pushed me to get out – and for such a brilliant cause who could say no! I have also roped in my husband, so not only have we been going on more evening walks and long walks at the weekend; we also set up a turbo trainer in our spare room – all to get those miles logged. It is true when people say exercise helps your mindset, especially when you know you are also doing it for this amazing charity.” Emily

Although the official challenge is over (and we sit and wait to see the district champ announced!), we are continuing to log our miles and check in with each other to see how we are all getting on. It’s not too late to donate to this amazing cause – simply head to

Team YOURgb have loved being a part of it (as you can see from our snippets of quotes, we have gathered over the month!) and look forward to the evenings getting a little lighter so we can get a few more miles in.

Throughout January, we logged nearly 200 miles between the 7 of us and even though some walks were harder than others, we are so glad we were able to be part of this amazing campaign.

“For me, I’ve enjoyed being able to track my progress and see those miles tot up each day! Knowing it was all in support of this amazing foundation too really helped me get up and move – something that often can be hard in a cold January. It could have been for only 2 miles, but I always felt better for it and what a great way to support such an amazing cause.” Emma

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